Tif – Quality Controller

Tiffany Carroll

• Administration and member services.  

• Resident ‘spotter’ and Instagram-video’er.

• Spotify expert.

• Level 1 Powerlifting Coach

Tony - The Mechanic


• The ideas man

• Our very own resident Darryl Kerrigan.
Need it? He will find it.

• Equipment guru

• Voice of reason

Nicole Kercselics – The Young Blood


• Cert III & IV Fitness

• Advanced Nutrition Level 1

• Female Specific Training

• Active Kids Trainer: ages 5-17yrs old.

• Boxing for fitness

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About Us


Steel & Stone gym was born on the southern side of Brisbane after its creators saw a need on this side of town to provide an all inclusive strength gym.

Our vision is to promote, deliver & develop strength based training methods & modalities to everyone, regardless of their current physical capacities, in a safe, competent & confident way. 

We aim to take the combined knowledge & expertise we have at hand & strive to create a members first facility where everyone has the right to improve their health, fitness and strength in a like minded community of people who are all on their own journey. 

Steel and Stone Gym Logo

Steel and Stone Gym Logo

Your GYM

Comp Spec Equipment

Steel and Stone Gym and Rogue

Bars, plates and platforms to suit every federation

Room to Move

Steel and Stone Gym

390m2 of gym floor means you will never trip over anyone during your workout or be banished to the corner.

Strength Sports are our Specialty

Steel and Stone Gym

Our equipment list is continually growing & evolving to bigger & better things, always with the athlete in mind.



Graham McDonald, more commonly known in the strength community as Gmac, took up powerlifting in 2014 and has competed on national and international platforms attaining an impressive amount of titles.

One of the Head Coaches for the Australian Powerlifting Team, Gmac’s passion for strength sports, in all its forms, is undeniable. Job satisfaction for him comes from seeing his athletes succeed and reach their goals, whatever they may be. 

An expert in programming, Gmac understands individual skill levels, goals and rehabilitation needs. He strongly believes that you are never too young or too old to start your strength journey and he is committed to your individual journey as an athlete.

Hot tip from us to you, he has an affinity for good coffee, cake, pastries and cookies. Bring any of one of these to your session and he’s less likely to resemble one of the characters from Gumpy Old Men (jokes, he’s lovely). 

Graham Macdonald, GMac and athlete representing Australia.

Graham Macdonald, GMac and athlete representing Australia. 

Nicole Kercselics

Nicole Kercselics found her passion for weight training at the age of 17, by age 20 she was competing at a National level in Powerlifting.  

Her love for strength training is what has driven her to wanting to share her knowledge and experience as a coach, continuing to better not only herself  but others as well.  

She believes her job as a trainer is to guide you through this process with intelligent and precise programming and coaching, understanding that each client’s has individual needs and goals. 

Having worked out of multiple gyms around Brisbane and the Gold Coast and with a diverse range of clients from 12 to 60 years old, she’s believes that only limitations are the ones you set yourself.

Nicole Summed up

• Energiser bunny. Nic's batteries never run flat 

• Larger than life supportive personality

• Sponge – Passionate about acquiring knowledge as coach.

• Standout powerlifter. 

• Goals to be thicc