Strength & Conditioning

Now here’s where it can get lengthy, so let us summarise for you What Strength & conditioning is.

Strength & Conditioning, without going too much unnecessary detail which will only serve to confuse even further, in a nutshell, Strength & Conditioning  is the practical application of sports science. 

Strength & Conditioning is not weight training, olympic lifting, kettlebell workouts, sled pulling, hill sprinting, tyre flipping, suspension training sessions – or indeed any other mode of training you can think of. These are examples of tools. 

Strength & Conditioning is about using the right tools for the right job at the right time. It’s not just what tools you use, but how you piece them together. It’s supplemental work that develops the physical qualities that can’t be optimised by practising the sport itself.

Strength & Conditioning coaches are often exercise scientists or hold accreditation with industry leaders like ASCA. 

Here at Steel & Stone, our coaches hold the ASCA Level 1 qualification. We believe in partnering with the best in the industry to bring the most up to date knowledge & industry best practices to our members.